Starts on July 1, 2019!

Create a course for your business in just two weeks.

Beta program and pricing available by application only.

Don’t Be Like The Thousands Of Other People Out There Who Start Creating A Course But Never Finish!

I have seen this happen over and over again...

Someone decides they want to create a course. Maybe they are a coach that wants to spread their message to more people, maybe they are an entrepreneur that has learned some useful skills that they would like to pass on, maybe it just feels like everyone else is creating a course and they don’t want to get left behind.


They get super-excited, thinking of all the different things they want to teach about… “I’ll have videos about this… I’ll make a worksheet for that!”

Many times, they just dive into writing the first chapter (if they actually get past the idea stage at all).

And then…

Then the doubt starts creeping in. “Maybe I should start with a different topic?” or “Does anyone even care about this stuff?” or “Man, I will never be as qualified as So-and-So… I don’t even have an email list!”

So they set their work aside for the rest of the day, and “think about it.” The next day and the next weeks come and go, with no progress.

And then… nothing. That’s it. The course that they were so excited about… the course that was going to change the world… the course that could make them thousands or millions of dollars… it dies.

The details, the overwhelm, the doubt… they are dream killers.

How many amazing courses- just like the one that you want to create- have died during struggles just like this?

If this sounds like you aren’t alone! I have found that, the more time someone has to think about all the details, the faster they get overwhelmed, and the lower their chances of actually finishing their dream course.



Why I Developed

The Crash Course Method!

With the Crash Course Method, you will create a complete course in just 2 short weeks. By the time you finish this incubator, you will have:

  • A crystal clear idea course concept- you won’t have to worry about including too much or too little information in your course, and you will even be more solid about the direction that your entire business needs to go!

  • A distinct, easily located target market that your course is perfectly tailored to- know where to find your buyers, what they want, what they need, and how to speak their language so that you will be like the Pied Piper of your niche

  • Full-length course content (average length, 6 modules), including your choice of audios, videos, workbooks, slides, etc.

  • Full instructions on how to upload your course onto your choice of 3 different platforms. I give you the pros and cons of each, then you pick which one works best for you!

  • A list of both free and paid ways that you can market and promote your course to generate more sales


Why 2 Weeks?

In working with course creators, branding clients, and students of my business coaching services, I found that, during the first few weeks, everyone was really gung-ho and ready to go! But after that, it became less exciting for them, and the inevitable doubts would start creeping in.

“What if I’m not good enough?” “What if someone else does this better than me?” “Will this thing even work?” “What if I include these 12 other things in my course, too?” “Maybe I should just start over…”

Trust me, this is completely normal. Just like you, I get shiny object syndrome, too. But instead of trying to fight it, I decided to design a system that skips it entirely.

Yes, two weeks is ambitious. But, like one of my favorite business quotes says, “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” 

Most course creation methods take 6-8 weeks. In the time it would take you to finish one of their programs, you could have your first batch of students well on their way to completing your first course if you choose the Crash Course Method!


How Does It Work?

The Crash Course Method is an accelerated version of the method I utilize with my Course Co-Creation students.

1.) We start off by really making sure that you have your perfect niche dialed in. You don’t want to waste time building a business that you hate, so we make sure that your course covers something that you are deeply passionate about.

2.) Next, we dive deep into your target market. We figure out where they are, what they want, and what they need, and then figure out how to mesh your skills, unique life experiences, and your passions to create a course that gives them exactly what they are looking for, so your course becomes irresistible!

3.) After that, we spend some time outlining exactly what you will be covering in your course modules. You will learn how to not give too little or too much, but still leave your students feeling like your course was worth much more than they paid for it (without making you work 80 hour weeks to produce a bunch of content they won’t use!).

4.) Next, you develop your slides and workbooks. Slides are one of the best ways to keep you on track during your teaching sessions, without forcing you to constantly look at notes, memorize lengthy presentations, or read from scripts or teleprompters. You’ll learn how to keep on track with your module content while coming across as 100% authentic and comfortable.

5.) Then it is time to get on camera and present your course. You’ll learn techniques that will help you overcome any fear or awkwardness you feel about being on camera, and you will also learn about post-recording editing techniques that are easy to do and that take a lot of pressure off of you as you record your content.

6.) Last step! Now all you have to do is upload all of your content onto the web! I will walk you through the major course distribution platforms, laying out the pros and cons of each and then teaching you how to utilize your platform of choice. Hook your platform up to a payment processor (which I will also show you how to do!), and you are ready to start selling your course to the world! Ca-ching, baby!


What Is Included In The Crash Course Method?


10 Daily Video Missions

Start off on Day 1 by watching a video explaining your mission for the day. The next day, we will have our first scheduled call (see below). I will answer any questions you have about the first mission, you make any changes or corrections, and then you watch the Mission Video for Day 2. We repeat the process throughout our two weeks together.

Value: $997


10 Daily Workbooks

Keep all your notes handy, use helpful checklists, and find detailed, step-by-step directions to walk you through your daily missions.

Value: $497


10 Daily Coaching Accountability Calls
+ 1-Month Follow-up Call

This is the part that sets the Crash Course Method apart from any other course creation program out there- Daily, 1-on-1 Accountability / Q&A Calls!

You don’t have to join a group call and hope the coach notices your question, or try to figure out which of your 5 questions is most important that day.

You get personal, individual attention, and you can ask all of your questions!

Jen will personally call you every week day (you get weekends to catch up!) to make sure that you are staying on track, and will answer any questions you may have.

You can ask questions about anything, including: course content, target marketing, outlining your course, graphic design, recording and editing your videos, getting everything online, what to charge, how to market your course, and more! With over 17 years of internet marketing and design experience, if Jen doesn’t know the answer, she will know where to find it!

You'll then receive an additional bonus 1-month follow-up call. We totally get that sometimes people have questions after they have finished their course and start to sell it, so we have included this call as a way to help you tie up any loose ends.

Accountability can be the difference between “I’ll do it tomorrow…” and actually getting your course finished and up online to sell!

Value: $1997


Access To A Private Facebook Community

You can ask questions, get feedback on your course content and sales pages, and find accountability partners to help encourage you to finish strong!

Value: $297


— You Also Receive These Epic Bonuses: —


Facebook Ads 101 Course

10-Part Video Series
Discover What You Need to Do To Setup Facebook Ads that Get Results

Once you have completed your course, you will want to start selling it, and Facebook is one of the best places to locate your target market! You will learn to create beautiful, high-converting Facebook ads, even if you’ve never set up an ad before in your life! The beauty of Facebook as that your ads will only be shown to the exact target market that you select, saving you both time and money.

Value: $497


Modern Email Marketing Handbook

“The money is in the list,” as they say. Building a solid email list of people interested in what you have to offer will not only help you sell the course you are creating now, but will help you sell your future offers, as well.

This e-Handbook covers selecting the right Email Service Provider, creating the right email messages, and tons of strategies on how to attract people to join your list.

Value: $97


Reusable Crash Course Method Master Workbook

This workbook combines all the resources and documents from The Crash Course Experience in one place, so that, when you are ready to design your next course in only two weeks, all you’ll have to do is go back through this workbook, step-by-step.

Value: $197

Total Value: $4,579!


So, because I am working in such close contact with you, and trying to help you create a full course in just two weeks, I need to make sure that you are really ready to follow through and do this. I don’t want this to be just another course you pay for but then never use.

The two ways I try to ensure that people who take my Crash Course Method actually finish are:

1) I offer daily accountability calls. For these two weeks, life is not allowed to get in your way, fear is not allowed to drive you into procrastination, and perfectionism is not invited to the party! For two weeks, we will work together to get you past anything and everything that has been holding you back from completing your course.

2) I hand-select who I want to work with. This means that, in order to be considered for the Crash Course Method, you need to fill out an application and I need to speak with you.

I only want to take people through the Crash Course Method who I feel are actually ready to do this thing! If you are wishy-washy or if you are just trying to make a quick buck, it sucks away my passion that I bring to working with you, and so neither of us will benefit.

I want to work with amazing, ambitious world-changers. I want to work with people who create courses from a place of service and passion. I want to help make the world a better place by helping inspired people bring their creativity, skills, love, and talents to the world.

Are you ready to step into the light
and bring your course to the world?


OMG… That seems like a lot! I’m not sure I can do this…

Woah… Don’t panic! Yes, if you think about it all at once, there are quite a few steps. But if you look at them each individually, they really aren’t that bad. The overwhelm happens when you start looking too far ahead.

The beauty of the Crash Course Method is that you only have to worry about today’s assignments today. Don’t think about tomorrow’s work, or next week’s. If you just follow the simple system, you can have your course finished in just 2 short weeks with no tears, no overwhelm, no questioning yourself, and no distracting shiny object syndrome!

And, if you still feel completely overwhelmed by all the steps and tech, you can take advantage of my special “VIP Co-Creation Upgrade:”


Optional Upgrade:
All-In Course Co-Creation

Don’t let your lack of tech or design experience hold you back from your dream!

When you select this package, Jen will personally design your workbooks, worksheets, and slide decks for you. Jen will also co-record and edit your course content with you, relieving you from the pressure of the recording tech. She will then load your course content onto any of the three recommended course platforms for you.

This is such an amazing VIP package, and there are only two available! Basically, you show up in your zone of genius, create and teach your content, and Jen takes care of the rest!

You will also receive a full marketing plan, and Jen will even edit your sales letter and then design 5 on-brand ad images that you can use either online or in print to sell your course!

This upgrade covers EVERYTHING you’ll need to get your course up and running ASAP, without worrying about learning new skills or finding people to do things for you.


Who is The Crash Course Method for?


This 2 Week Crash Course Experience is for you if you:

  • Want to add a course to your business

  • Have a strong passion for something that you want to teach to others

  • Are done being stuck in planning mode and are ready to get $#&% done!

  • Aren’t afraid to dive in head first to chase after your dreams

  • Are willing to push through the tough times when your ego says “I’m scared!”

  • Have at least 1-2 hours per day available for 14 days (just skip the Netflix and chill for a little while!)

The Crash Course Method is not for you if you:

  • Aren’t ready to get serious about your course idea

  • Don’t have at least one skill that you are capable of teaching to others

  • Are just wanting to tinker at your idea over a long period of time

  • Aren’t willing to settle with just one idea for a course so that you can make something happen

  • Are not teachable

  • Want to keep doing things your own way, rather than following a quick-and-easy, step-by-step method that requires you to get out of the planning stages and actually Do.The.Work.

  • Are too afraid to follow your dreams



I've never taught anything before in my life! Can I actually do this?

C'mon... we all know that's not true! You've taught a lot of people a lot of things in your day, from showing someone how to use the printer at work, to teaching your parents how to program their VCR when you were 12, to teaching your kid how to tie their shoes or housebreaking your puppy.

Sure, you may not have created on online course before, but I firmly believe that ANYONE can do this!

The Crash Course Method breaks the entire course creation process down into small, daily, completely doable steps, and if you can follow a simple recipe or use Google Maps to find a new restaurant, then you can use this method to create your course.

Are courses even selling anymore? It seems like there is so much competition…

Believe it or not, in some ways, competition is actually a good thing. If there are other people out there making hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars selling courses (which, of course, we all know that there are!), then that means that there is money to be made!

Unlike many courses out there, which are written solely to show off the creator’s expertise without much thought for the actual needs of the student in mind, your course will be specifically targeted to a few important needs and wants that your ideal student has, which will make you stand out as a thought leader in your industry and will help your course to be as appealing and useful as possible.

What if my passion is about something obscure like underwater basket weaving?

First of all, underwater basket weaving is not quite as obscure as you might think...

But seriously, there are people online who have five and six figure courses teaching everything from how to play the guitar to how to audition for orchestras to how to live the tiny-house lifestyle to how to do magic tricks and more! If there are passionate people in your niche, then there is room for a successful course. Why shouldn't that successful course be yours?  

Will I need a bunch of fancy technical equipment to create my course?

No... not necessarily. 

You don't need to rent a professional recording studio or hire a hair and makeup person (although that does sound kinda fun and fancy...).

I believe that you can create a perfectly salable course very inexpensively. You can most likely use technology that you already have, like a laptop or mobile phone for the actual recording portions of your course creation.

The most important factors are good sound and good lighting. For some people, this means recording next to a window using their Apple headphones that have a mic built in. If you wanted to take it up a notch, you could buy a good mic and purchase some nice lights. This can run you less than $75 (for a cheap lapel mic and lighting that you DIY from those construction clip-on lamps), while my favorite setup involves (affiliate links) this "Snowball" mic and this ring light, costing about $160 total for both. You could also spend a lot more than that if you wanted a 3-point lighting setup, a custom background, and a wireless lapel mic or overhead mic setup- but none of this fancy stuff is actually necessary to create a solid, useful course.

Remember, the real reason people are taking your course is to learn something new. Your "production value"- aka, how pretty your course looks- can make your course look more expensive and professional, but if the actual knowledge isn't being shared, then a pretty course is just about as useful as a reality TV show. 

So don’t get overwhelmed by the tech stuff. During the first few days of the course, I will go over all the details, clearly explaining exactly what you need and why, and will also give you free / inexpensive options for everything we talk about.

This tech-phobia is one of the major reasons that perfectly qualified and passionate people get stuck when they try to create a course, and it is totally preventable. Don’t let the fear of tech be the thing that holds you back.

Put out a MVP (minimum viable product), and then if your lighting setup or your mic or even your outfit bother you when you look back on your course in a few years, then just re-record it! But get started NOW with what you have, so you can start selling your course and building your business!

What does “Beta” mean? Have you ever taught someone how to make a course before?

Yes- I have definitely taught many people about course creation. This is the Beta version of the Crash Course Method because I have not run a large group of people through this two week course creation method before.

In previous iterations of my program, the process took as long as the student needed it to take, which is great in theory, but I found that this open-ended approach led to several problems. The biggest problem was that it led to the course creation process taking several months, rather than the month or less that it should have taken.

And it wasn’t because my students became any less knowledgeable about their course material in that time frame, but it was 99% about them becoming stuck in their heads about the course creation process. They would start to doubt what course material to include (even though we did a careful target market analysis at the beginning of the program), or got stuck in an endless cycle of perfectionism-driven revisions.

I designed the Crash Course Method to eliminate the biggest factor that I saw stopping would-be course creators from actually finishing the course they dreamed about- time to think! The Crash Course Method breaks the process down into bite-size course creation sessions, and there is no time to look back and endlessly tweak. You do your best with the day’s assignment, and then push forward to put out a viable course within the two week window.

Will you tweak your course after you run students through it the first time? Of course! But you would do this if you spend 2 years or 2 weeks working on the original course, so why wait? All courses go through revisions, especially after you put your first set of students through the course. So the faster you get your first version (or your beta version!) of your course out, the faster you can start running students through it, leading to faster income generation and a better course in a shorter period of time.

In fact, if you don’t do some sort of revisions on your course after you run some students through it, you either have godlike course creation powers (yay, you!), or you aren’t asking for or responding to student feedback and issues!


I Love It! Sign Me Up!

There are Two Options for
The Crash Course Method Beta Program:


You want to make sure that you start and finish strong! Receive daily check-in calls with Jen where you can ask questions, get feedback, and stay accountable! If you have any fears about getting stuck or overwhelmed, this is the package for you!

The Superhero Option Includes:

  • 10 module video course

  • 10 workbooks with your daily assignments and instructions

  • Daily accountability calls from Jen- get help, stay motivated, and get your course finished! You get to have your very own Course Coach!

  • Access to a private Facebook Community where you can ask questions and get feedback on your course content, sales pages, and more

    You can ask about course content, target marketing, outlining your course, graphic design, recording and editing your videos, getting everything online, what to charge, how to market your course, and more!

Bonus Materials:

  • Bonus 1-month check-in call. You will definitely have more questions after you launch your course, so this is a great opportunity to get in one more coaching session!

  • Facebook Ads 101 Course- Once you have your course finished, you’ll need to sell it, and Facebook ads are one of the best ways to get your course in front of a highly targeted audience.

  • Modern Email Marketing Handbook- “The money is in the list,” as they say. Building a solid email list of people interested in what you have to offer will not only help you sell the course you are creating now, but will help you sell your future offers, as well.

  • A reusable Crash Course Method Master Workbook that combines all the resources and documents from The Crash Course Experience all in one place, so that when you design your next course, you will have everything you need


Don’t let your lack of tech or design experience hold you back from your dream!

When you select this package, Jen will personally design your workbooks, worksheets, and slide decks for you. Jen will also co-record and edit your course content with you, relieving you from the pressure of the recording tech. She will then load your course content onto any of the three recommended course platforms for you.

This is such an amazing VIP package! Basically, you show up in your zone of genius, create and teach your content, and Jen takes care of the rest!

You will also receive a full marketing plan, and Jen will even edit your sales letter and then design 5 on-brand ad images that you can use either online or in print to sell your course.

The VIP All-In Option Includes:

  • Everything from the Superhero Package (the 10 module video course, 10 daily workbooks, access to the 4 live group calls, access to the private Facebook community, daily coaching accountability calls, the bonus 1-month check-in call, the Crash Course Master Workbook, the Facebook Ads 101 Course, and the Modern Email Marketing Handbook), plus:

  • Done For You Workbook and Worksheet Creation- workbooks and worksheets for up to 8 course modules

  • Done For You Slide Deck for your video modules

  • Recording Assistance and Editing- utilizing BeLive.TV or Zoom, Jen will record your course with you, and will then edit the videos for you.

  • Audio files of all video content- having your course content available in multiple formats automatically increases your course value (and, therefore, raises the price you can charge!). Jen will supply you with audio-only versions of your video content so that you students can listen to your course on-the-go.

  • Marketing Plan and Consultation Call- learn how to communicate with your target market, free and paid advertising and promotional methods, get ideas for sales funnels and lead magnets for your new course, and more (this call will take place after week two is complete)

  • Sales Letter Edit- not everyone is a copywriter! Jen will help you jazz up your sales letter, helping you to more fully and deeply communicate your passion and your message to potential students. She will also offer split-test ideas to you to help you increase your sales and conversions.

  • 5 Ad Graphics- use them to promote your course on social media or in print advertising. During your Marketing Consultation, you and Jen will work together to develop a social media strategy, and Jen will design graphics perfect for whatever sales platform you are targeting.

Bonus Materials:

  • Unlimited text support during the two week Experience. You will be able to text Jen throughout the day with any questions that may arise. Don’t let uncertainty derail you- just ask your question and get on with creating your masterpiece!


About The Creator of the Crash Course Method


Hi, I’m Jen!

I’ve been in the graphic design field for over 17 years, and have worked with a wide variety of content producers, ranging from coaches and course creators, to e-commerce, and authors, to doctors and therapists, and more.

I started Courses For Profit because over the years, it became clear to me that helping entrepreneurs share their vision, expertise, and passions using the vehicle of courses was the thing the I loved doing best.

I love all the moving parts, from the planning phases of market and keyword research, to outlining the idea so that it is complete yet not overwhelming, to crafting the workbooks and worksheets the course will use, to recording the audio and video, putting in all online in a gorgeous way, and then promoting it to the world.

Courses For Profit allows me to show up in my full authenticity with my full skillset, so that I can help you show up in your full authenticity and share your full skillset with the world.